About Martis and why we chose it to be the first Digital Nomad Town

You might ask yourself: Why Martis? Trust us, once you have been here, you will fall in love with the lovely community in the authentic rural Italy.

Sardina is a place for people who love beautiful beaches with clear water, historic and spiritual places. Martis is a small town that has a decreasing population. It is ‘true Italy’ with a lovely community of Italians that are mostly retired. This warm hearted, welcoming community would like to welcome more tourists and also have young people moving to Martis. This town is the perfect place to relax, get away from a busy life to clear your head for new projects and recharge your batteries. It is the perfect set up for creating a new younger community without losing the original charm and ensuring the integration of the current population.

Surrounded by vineyards and other local products, it is the perfect place to participate in and learn about local product creation such as wine making, cheese making and permaculture.

Martis is in Sardinia, close to two main airports Alghero and Olbia – easy reachable with Ryanair and Easyjet. It is half an hour drive to one of the beautiful beaches of Sardinia. But fear not! We have beach shuttles for you 🙂

Being part of Italy it guarantees the lovely Italian weather from 6 degrees in the winter to over 30 degrees in the summer. Below you can see some pictures of Martis and Sardinia as well as a drone video which speak for themselves. You can also watch a documentary that was done about Martis – it is in Italian and English so you might not understand everything…

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