Why the Digital Nomad Town project is on hold - again

An update to keep being transparent

It is time to give you an update on the Digital Nomad Town project. For a few  reasons I have been quiet in 2020 so far and I would like to outline to you why. I will start from the beginning but keep it as short as possible. Please note that I will outline facts as they happened and I don’t have any bad feelings or regrets connected to any of it. Things happened the way they did so far for a reason and that is ok. But one of my main values is transparency and as some of you asked me for an update, here it is.

In 2017 I had the vision to create a Digital Nomad Town when I was volunteering in Sardinia in a little town called Martis. I started working on it with a business plan, getting the town and the community on board, finding appropriate locations and even had a team of locals. As you know, this didn’t work out. The team consisted of an Italian couple and a young local. They decided on other priorities in their lives: The couple had a wonderful baby and decided to move back to the main land to be closer to their family. The young local decided to spend most of his time in a different country with his girlfriend. They are very happy with their decisions and as I am. Without a local team, I decided not to do the project in Martis anymore.

In 2018 I have met Viviana from Meina who is a fantastic business partner and also a good friend by now. We have decided we want to take the concept to Meina in 2019. We have had a lot of meetings with locals and the municipality and were very happy to hear that they wanted to become the first Digital Nomad Town. They even had a co-working space and event location ready that we could use.

During 2019 Viviana and I have worked very hard to get co-living spaces and apartments ready as well as starting to train students that would look after the co-working space – of course in agreement with the municipality. Throughout the year we were having meetings with the municipality that continued to state that they wanted to become the first Digital Nomad Town and that they only have to get the legalities sorted. We have also created all kind of different documents and presentations they needed to proceed. Until the end of 2019 we did not get anything in writing but were relying on meetings and verbal agreements. In December 2019 they had a change of direction internally and decided that they will not be able to move forward within the time frame that they have given us and first will have to sort out some more things for the co-working space before they will continue with the Digital Nomad Town project.

This is when I decided to take a step back from Meina and not use any more of my resources and time until we have everything in writing and formally agreed. When Meina will take time to revisit becoming a Digital Nomad Town, I will revisit if I will go ahead with it in Meina or not. In the meantime: Viviana’s apartments are lovely and it is a great area to visit. So feel free to visit Meina and the Lago Maggiore. It is for now handled as a normal Air BnB.

I am now patiently waiting to then reevaluate the Digital Nomad Town in general and especially in Meina. This also means that you won’t hear from me until then. I appreciate that this is frustrating for you – and believe me, it is also frustrating for me. I have put lot of my resources into this. The first time (Sardinia) I had to give up as I didn’t have the right team and now it looks like I might not have the right town. I am still positive to move forward with the Digital Nomad Town at some point but will have to take a step back from it to look at it with fresh eyes once the opportunity arises again.

I also know that from a marketing and branding perspective this is not the ideal thing to do. I rely on many external factors and people, and especially  on politics and municipalities, that it never was an easy project to start with – and yes I know that no project or start-up is easy. This is why patience and persistence are always the two main characteristics that I say an entrepreneur needs. I have learned a lot over the past 2 years of bringing my vision to life and have met wonderful people along the way which I am grateful for.

Until next time! Christine