We all love Meina and this is one of the reasons why we decided to create the first Digital Nomad Town here. This is us.


Founder Digital Nomad Town

Christine, the founder, is a Business Coach, author of multiple books, public speaker and workshop facilitator. She has worked in marketing and advertising for more than 10 years before she decided to start her own business as a Marketing and Creative Start-Up Coach. Now she is mentoring start-up students at universities throughout Europe as well as working with individuals and small businesses. With her hand-on approach, she has helped hundreds of individuals validating their business idea and creating a successful start-up. She is also the founder of the Creative Start-Up Academy, online courses for start-ups and small businesses. She is also the Vice President of the European Startup Association.


Meina Innovation Hub

Viviana is an unusual  banker, extremely passionate about finance and innovation. Her experience in sharing economy started in 2015, when she rented her houses on Airbnb for the first time. She then offered cooking classes to foreigners. In 2018, she launched Meina Innovation Hub, a concept based on technology and innovation training for young people. The first project, based on long-life learning, was launched in partnership with digiTECA team in 2019.


Meina Innovation Hub

Elena has graduated in Modern Letters at University of Milan and at University of Paris XIII, in General Didactis and Museum Didactis at University of Roma III and in Science of Primary Education at University Milano Bicocca. She has a Master in Curator at Belle Arti Accademy Milan Brera and she is a Tourist Guide. She is a teacher in Humanities and since 2011 she has been in charge of didactic, training and historic disclosure, she is specialised in didactic about Shoah.


Meina Innovation Hub

Silvana Aldeni teaches history of arts at Liceo Carlo Alberto of Sesto Calende town, she graduated in 1983 in Philosophy and Letters at Cattolica University of Milan. She is specialised in History of Arts (Story of the Show, Story of Cinema, Medieval and Modern History, Archeology and Letters) at the Cattolica University. Reference point and responsible for many school projects, also European wide, she organises and coordinates art reviews. She is an assessor in culture and finance at the Meina Municipality. She publishes artistic researches, reviews and exhibitions catalogues.


Marketing support

Arta is studying Marketing/Content Manager at Malmö Yrkeshögskola. She is looking to develop herself through doing what she loves, the best she can; hoping to someday shape the world into a more prosperous and happy one. Endlessly curious and really loves to meet new people. – She has been working for British American Tobacco, Swedish Customs, Scandic Hotels and now European Startup Organization is her new home – where she has the opportunity to meet new people and share happy moments with new startups.

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